Military Geography − Reinhard Mang and Hermann Häusler



Brigadier Mag. Dr. Reinhard Mang and Univ.-Prof Dr. Hermann Häusler (editors)

Vienna 2006; 591 pages, 160 x 235 mm,
more than 350 figures and 40 tables

Euro 35,-

Euro 15,- for authors and by purchase of 10 handbooks or more

ISBN 3-901183-50-7


  • Cartography for Military Use,
  • Climatology,
  • Geodata for Military Aviation,
  • Maps, Terrain Models and Aerial Photos,
  • Military Geography for Military Planning,
  • Geology,
  • Satellite Images.

At the beginning of the third millennium, classical Military Geography has changed dramatically. New challenges, worldwide scenarios for military forces, and an ever increasing international cooperation, including civil and non governmental organizations, require comprehensive applied geoscientific efforts. This Handbook is a first attempt to show the wide range of numerous military geographic activities concerned.

The handbook covers a great number of important topics - from the earth's shape to climate, from a basic theory to geopolitical aspects, from lessons learned in history to present and future geospatial requirements, from geographic reality to its models, such as maps, fact sheets, and so on.

Over 40 authors from seven Nations - each one a capacity in his profession - present Military Geography by a handpicked number of over 50 papers. Emphasis has been laid on an easy access for the reader by strictly limiting the papers in size and stressing easy and clear phrasing. Paper-related abstracts, glossaries, bibliographies, and an overall index allow for fast and deepened information gathering and thus guarantee a wide use of this book - for the military, the student, the geoscientist, for any kind of geospatial based decision maker and last but not least - for the public.

As long as military activities take place in the geographic space, Military Geography turns out to be an indispensable prerequisite for any military operation worldwide! This book will tell you why and will show you how.



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